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Our escape rooms are uniquely designed and handcrafted to provide you an experience you won't find anywhere else.


Flex your brain by piecing together puzzles, riddles, and tricks to escape. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to get inside the box!

Team Building

Looking to boost synergy in the workplace or bond with friends or family? When it comes to team building, nothing is as strong as working together in a high intensity environment with one goal in mind...escape!


As sixty minutes turns into sixty seconds, will you have what it takes to crack the code or will the passcode slip right through your fingertips?

Our Escape Rooms

Our rooms change every 6-10 months. Sign up to receive a notification when a room changes!

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The Detective's Office

Set in the Cold War era, you must break into the detective’s office and destroy the evidence he has against you before he comes back or it’s prison for you…

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The Secret Lab

WARNING! There has been a biological breach in your lab. You must concoct the cure before the room purges.

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Why Choose Passcode Escape Room?

We think we're pretty awesome...

Passcode Escape Room is a locally owned, Quincy-based escape room. Our escape rooms are more than your average escape room franchise. Ryan, our brilliant escape room designer who has years of experience managing and designing escape rooms, has perfected the balance between difficult and frustrating to leave you feeling accomplished. Each room has a unique theme that will tell a fantastic story that will have you wanting to know more. Subsequent room releases will build off these original stories.

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